Blue Bell Shipping obtains Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Approval


Blue Bell Shipping has successfully obtained approvals for telecommunication devices and equipment from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the United Arab Emirates. This allows us to import/export telecommunications equipment for commercial use.

Type Approval is the term for the process of determining and registering the kind of equipment that can be brought and used in UAE without causing interference or long or short-term damage to the network.

Type Approval is the requirement for Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) to comply with specific technical standards. Such equipment must be registered with the TRA before it can be used, sold or distributed in the UAE.

Importers of RTTE in the UAE should be registered with TRA. Every importer of RTTE in the UAE should ensure that:

The company is registered with TRA
Type approval is obtained from TRA for utilization in the UAE.